guru spotlight


This is is Jade Woods, she’s been @ guru since October 2012, but I somehow feel like I’ve known her much longer than that. I completely put Jade on the spot by asking her to write a brief bio to be the 1st guru in the spotlight.  Anyone who knows Jade understands that despite her flowing locks of lilac, she doesn’t like or need a spotlight. The small piece of paper she handed me was very factual, not flowery, to the point:

-Been doing hair for 4 years, graduated from Empire Beauty in Portland, Maine,-focus has been on men’s cut’s, but broadened her focus on cutting, coloring and nails since becoming a guru-attended Future Professional Expo in Hersey, PA. where she learned newest trends and techniques and met some of the biggest names in the industry.

This is one of the traits I love about Jade, she’s completely capable and won’t say no to a challenge.  In the 4 years she’s been in the industry she’s sucked up a lot of knowledge and is hungry for more.   She is available for all hair and nail services Wed: 9-2, Thur: 2-8, Fri. 12-8 and Sat. 9-5. She is still building her book of business, so refer your friends!

A few of Jades favorite things:  Dr. Who, Zombies, Sushi, Jack Daniels, Comicon, Fashion, Starbucks

🙂 Heather