Fall 2013 preview from our resident Fashionista

Shhhhh…..Can you hear it? Right there! It’s the sound of apples ripening, leaves crunching, and pumpkin shows up in everything from baked goods to beauty products nationwide. Which brings us to the Fall Fashion trends for 2013.

The fall fashion runway is always the go to place to get a glimpse into what will be the hottest fashion and even hotter hair and makeup

Let’s talk fashion first.

From Marc Jacobs to Givenchy to Rodarte, one thing is clear: Be bold without being flamboyant and be comfortable while maintaining a figure flattering cut. I’d say the same with hair trends as well.

Knit beanies were a still present show on the runway, along with classic patterns that always look fresh. Over the knee boots are big paired with everything from minis to leggings. I’m so happy as I’ve been dying for a pair myself! Slouchy pants with a tapered ankle are big again. Think ‘you can’t touch this?’ Well, you certainly can in the updated version paired with a thin or strappy  heel.  Green is THE color of the season! From emerald to army there’s a shade to compliment every skin tone and red hair explodes against it. Winter whites
from head to toe will be icy hot when the heat kicks on. Mixed with those still popular lavender, palest pink, or hint of blue hair color and you have yourself a winter wonderland of style.

THIGHHIGH AWESOM e1af0ee5f58adcb4c06051cba2a9515b EMERALD KNIT BEANIE

And speaking of hair…riotous volume, bouffants, low messy ponytails, braids, plaited, and extreme side parts were ALL
the rage. Even the wet, slick back look made quite a few appearances at the shows.  Have fun with these looks. Practice a bit of each in your daily styling. Deep side parts are great if your in the middle of growing out the full bangs from last season. As far as color, some of the biggest were honey blondes, buttery blondes, apricot and strawberry golds. Ombré still gets spotted but unlike its summer sister, the contrast from dark to light is moderate with warmer tones. Rich chocolates with gold multidimensional color and the ultra cool chestnuts are gorgeous as we move into fall.


Makeup up and nail trends the way of bold but deep emeralds and amethysts. Oxblood lips and bordeaux nail tips that
tend to be rounded this season. Lashes for miles with defining eyeliner in your favorite deep bold color. Experiment here, higher end department stores are more than willing to help you with samples or a ‘try on’ for a minimal fee.

Last but certainly not least, we can’t leave our male clients and fans out. We are absolutely loving the modified pompadours! Think Adam Levine and David Beckham. Tom Brady just recently succumbed to that old school, ever debonair look. It really is a classic look that oozes charm, and if you wear your smart readers with that style? Be still my heart! 😉  Messy textured top cuts are perfect for that early 9 a.m. class on the other side of campus. We are seeing lots of soft sleeked back waves too for the guys.  Facial hair is kept close and neat. Soft and moisturized! As for fashion, biker jackets are huge. Fitted overcoats and blazers are a must. Pair with a textured scarf as the colder weather approaches. Slim fit pants, not the skinny’s of the last 2 years,  but a fitted sleek line that shows your dedication to the gym.

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All and all I’m excited to see these trends and styles as we move into my favorite time of year. Mostly, I’m excited to try some of these hair styles and colors on both my clients and myself! Okay, okay….and the knee high boots. And pumpkin flavored everything.

Yours in hair love,
Meg Nisbet (a Guru amongst THE Guru)


Summer Hair Fix

In New England we suffer through the cold, bitter Winter because we know the gift at the end of the season is so worth it!  Summertime is an amazing time in our neck of the woods.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a partly cloudy day  as long as the air is warm, we are ecstatic!  If the sun is shining, watch out, total strangers will walk around with a big grin and want to hug everyone!


Knowing that all we want is to sit and soak up the sun it’s really hard for me to preach to my clients about keeping their beautiful hair protected.  I do try to sneak in some hints here and there though………

1.  Condition, condition, condition!!!!!! Replace the moisture you are stripping.  Finer hair is actually more at risk for damage, so if you’re worried about weighing that hair down, use a detangler containing UV.

3.  Sitting on the beach?  Leave some of that conditioner in your hair or a thick moisturizing oil.

2.  Pool patrol-please get your butt in the pool and enjoy, BUT before you do wet your hair.  If it is filled with delicious clean h2O it’s less likely to absorb all that chlorine that  turns your buttery blonde dingy green.

3.  Cover it up!  Hats are so chic and they come in so many different sizes, shapes and colors, do it!  Same goes for beautiful scarves.627d666eecd707dc1c367b68e453b23dAs your applying the 50+spf, don’t forget that your hair is as fragile as your skin.  Take care of it.  We are amazing stylists, but if you show up with dry, brittle hair we can’t have as much fun with it!

Happy Summer!

xo Heather

It’s our Birthday!

It's our Birthday!

Guru turned 2 on July 5th and to celebrate we’re hosting “Customer Appreciation” nights every Thursday 4-8 for the month of July.
It blows my mind that 2 years has gone by already. The saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” certainly holds true in this case. When you do what you love and surround yourself by good people, you’ll never work a day in your life! Ok enough with the adages!
We are so lucky to have incredibly loyal clients who like us enough to tell their friends and family. We are so appreciative and promise to keep providing you with superior service, products, great conversation and laughs for many more years!